6/12/2016 Meeting Minutes

Safer Spaces
(formerly “NYC Safe Communities Working Group)

Date and Time: 6/12/2016 at 4:00 – 6:30pm
Attendees: Six
Location: Brooklyn, NY


  1. Introductions
  2. Topics
    1. Group Name
    2. Future State of Group
  3. Agreed Upon Categories
    1. Vetting
    2. Invitation
    3. Code of Conduct
    4. Agreement
    5. Elevator Pitch
    6. Entrance Policies
    7. Intoxicants and Impairments
    8. Bill of Rights
    9. Guardian Training
    10. Glossary
    11. Corrective Methods
  4. Break
  5. Post Break Review of Key Goals
  6. Schedule Next Meeting


  1. Introductions
    1. Brief introductions of all attendees
  2. Topics

Naming Group

Accounting for the need of attendees to have a group name be vague and not sexually explicit the attendees present agreed that “Safer Spaces” is sufficiently vague for public use
Working groups are to be named as they develop

Future State of Group

Attendees agreed that those present will research and bring a defined set of best practices that have been seen or read from various parties/events
Materials are to be gathered one week before the next meeting
All readings are required readings before attending the next meeting
Agreed Upon Categories

criteria by which you determine if a person is allowed to participate, membership models, guests, blacklists, etc. banned, reformative justice,
white list invite only vs blacklist
who CAN go, (private parties) negative (who can’t go)
PAL system
Sponsor model in which an existing guest suggests new people to invite
consists of private or invite only, public, open to apply but verified and or checked gathering
process or policies for each
Vetting who gets invites
invite itself, what specifics, requirement, invite
links or pointer sot required considerations or reading
Code of Conduct
consent rules/expectations
relatively detailed document that guests are expected to read and follow
hopefully this happens prior to the event/ or even purchasing tickets or RSVPing to an event
can be pages and pages long posted public and avail
in some case signed agreements, agreements made before entry (like many classic Swinger clubs or SF clubs)
a part of the on-boarding process
required reading; must read for attendees
Elevator Pitch
posted piece, spoken piece, etc. delivered to guests in person or in summary
might be quite short and summarized; reference more detailed code of conduct
Entrance Policies
Attendees agreed this topic is not an area which needs research
Intoxicants and Impairments
drugs and related intoxicants
Harm Reduction best practices
relatively critical topic for consent and safety, but complex and tricky issues
Bill of Rights
document for guest to understand their rights, centered on behavior that happens to people
example: right to your body autonomy, right to tell someone to stop at any time.
should be part of required reading.
useful to ensure that people understand when and how to stick up for themselves
Guardian Training
monitor training curriculum
Define key terms, like consent.
lists and definitions of common terms relevant to our topic and spaces
Corrective Methods
consistency in application of consequences
what happens when someone does something wrong
what are the communication, record-keeping methods

C. Break

D. Review of Key Goals
Assigned homework to attendees
documented preferred method of contact
Goal is to aim for a release of best practices in September or October

E. Schedule Next Meeting
Time and Date: Sunday 7/10 from 2:00-5:00 pm
Location: Brooklyn
Homework due: 7/3